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To help you know what FABRICS will suit your needs to a tee, we have listed them for you with detailed descriptions. Then to find the individual styles made in these FABRICS, please click on the name of the MANUFACTURER after each description. That will take you to the designated webpage.  

Combed Cotton or Flat-knit Jersey

Combed Cotton that is also called Flat-Knit because it does not have the little ribbing in the knit process. The resulting fabric feels lighter weight and offers a more generous fit with more drape than Rib-Knit. It is hard to tell the difference between the two. The difference is in the fit. iCanToo

Rib-Knit Jersey

Cotton Jersey that has been knit with tiny ribbing in the fabric. The resulting tees in Rib-Knit Jersey offer more fit as opposed to hanging more freely. Just a matter of choice, because both Jerseys, Rib-Knit and Flat-Knit are equally popular. It is hard to tell the difference between the two. The difference is in the fit. ICanToo


 Mid-weight woven 100% cotton (7-ounce weight). Soft twill on the outside for shape retention and durability w/ flannel-like cotton fleece next to your skin. Sold year round, but most popular during cooler months. SEA BREEZE OF CALIFORNIA


100% COTTON SWEATSHIRT MATERIAL that's similar to Canton Cotton. Mid-weight woven cotton with that "broken-in" feel that we seek. Both versions, the 6 OUNCE (All-Season Play Pants) and the sturdier 8 OUNCE (Beefy Sweatpants and Ahhh Shorts). THOUSAND MILE


A coined name originated by Ezze Wear to describe an exceptionally light-weight crinkle fabric with sort of a waffle-weave texture. We call it our "Travel Queen Fabric" because it is so completely care-free, very hard to wrinkle, and quite fast-drying. Sold year round, but most popular during the warmer months. EZZE WEAR


Mid to Light-weight textured weave (similar to Ezze's Honeykomb) but slightly heavier. Carefree, year 'round. SEA BREEZE OF CALIFORNIA


Light, gauze weave with vertical stitching with puckers known as Seersucker. It gives a distinctive, kind of dressy flair to your outfits, therefore, one of our most popular choices for Summertime. Very cool and non-cling allowing air to circulate well to keep you cool and comfy in warmer weather. Spring/Summer. EZZE WEAR


A light-weight weave with the corded pattern but without any nap as found in regular corduroy. It feels almost like a knit; unlike the traditional "corduroy" we have been accustomed to. It also has a very nice drape to it. Excellent for transitioning from Spring into Summer, as well as from Fall into Winter. EZZE WEAR


Sturdy mid-weight weave cotton for year 'round comfort and durability. Especially nice in Spring and Fall when you want a pant or jacket that offers just enough protection without being too hot when the temperature rises. SEA BREEZE OF CALIFORNIA


COTTON BLEND. Mid to light-weight weave with a bit of lycra woven in for a more fitted style with shape memory. Because this fabric results in semi-fitted styles, I often recommend ordering up one size. Most popular in Spring/Summer. EZZE WEAR


Medium-weight smooth, flat weave on the outside for shape and durability with a softly looped (like terry-cloth only much smaller loops) interior for a texture that feels wonderful next to your skin. French Terry offers a nice, breathable yet substantial, covering for you in tops as well as bottoms. Popular all year round. ICanToo


A soft, very light-weight jersey "slub" that has natural irregularities knitted right in to create a most interesting and unique texture. ICanToo

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