The Dye Process

Tiffany Myers

Last Update 2 years ago

We are not able to disclose any information about the dye process; We do not have any information about the chemicals used in the dye process. We do apologize for any inconvenience! 

Why we disclose this information?

So, this is a complicated question. We don't hire the dye house - the fabric wholesaler either sells fabric that is already dyed, or our contract sewer hires the dye house. To complicate this information even more, dyes change without notice. The dye house may change their dye supplier or change their dye process. The contract sewer or fabric wholesaler may use multiple dye house companies based on each dye house's availability. There is no way to know the exact dye used on a specific garment as two of the exact same garments' fabric may have been dyed by different companies using different dye formulas

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